Local Tree Removal & Grinding Services

Local Tree Removal & Grinding Services

Having a tree removed from your property is a serious undertaking. It requires years of experience and continued training to make sure that everyone from technicians to neighbors to homeowners remain safe throughout the removal process.

Important things to look for in a tree service company:

  • Are they licensed arborists?
  • Are they insured and OSHA Certified?
  • Do they have a long history of both large and small tree removals?
  • Are they utilizing professional, well maintained equipment?
  • DO NOT listen to a company who claims you can remove the tree yourself.

Why have a tree removed:


  • The tree is currently dead, or will be in the coming months
  • The tree is infested with damaging insects
  • The tree is suffering from an incurable disease
  • It has grown too large for its location
  • Has sustained irreparable storm damage
  • Is aesthetically out of place in your landscape

Risks of NOT removing trees:


  • They represent a danger to people, homes and property
  • Spread disease and infestation to other trees and plants
  • Encroach upon public spaces – blocking sight lines and violating municipal codes
  • Have a negative impact on property values

Gain real estate with tree stump removal
Remove that unsightly, in-the-way stump. Tree stump removal and tree stump grinding beautifies your landscape, while freeing up areas for other plantings or uses. After tree removal, stump grinding is the next step. After a tree has been cut down, tree stump removal still needs to happen. This is most commonly done by grinding.